Postcard from Assisi : DREAM, TRAVEL, REFLECT
"Traveling ~ it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."         ~Ibn Battuta

Postcard from Assisi

by Patricia Thayer on 08/23/20

"Would you like to join us?" the couple asks me, after I walk past them a second time on a warm summer evening on the patio of an Italian country villa.  Staying at an agriturismo, a working vineyard near Assisi, I am wide awake and absorbing every detail of the beautiful countryside of Umbria.  Observing the couple playing a board game together, I want to talk to them, but I am hesitant to speak having no idea of their nationality.  But my new friends, who are Dutch and know at least three languages, speak to me in English as they watch me walk by once again.  Somehow they know I am an American.  We begin a conversation that will last for many years.  For the next three evenings, we meet at the same time and place and enjoy each other's company immensely.  When we part, we agree to keep in touch and we do.  Over the years, we have traveled to each other's homes and met each other's families.  Why do I travel?  To share conversation, perspectives, and lives with friends from another country.  (June 2003)

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"Why do you travel?" asked a friend as I was preparing for a summer trip to Guatemala.  At the 
time, I replied, "To see the world," or some such trite response.  It is a difficult question because 
I don't have just one answer.  But the question deserves a better response so I decided to write down my reasons in the form of "postcards".  These postcards are an ongoing attempt to answer the question posed by my friend those many years ago. I hope they will encourage you to enrich 
your life through more travel experiences and find your own answers to this question.  
Dream ~ Travel ~ Reflect