Postcard from Ecuador : DREAM, TRAVEL, REFLECT
"Traveling ~ it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."         ~Ibn Battuta

Postcard from Ecuador

by Patricia Thayer on 08/22/20

"The flight to Manta is cancelled.  The next flight is in two days," the Spanish speaking voice announces rapidly over the intercom.  Sitting in the small airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador, my friend and I look at each other with the same "Oh, no, what do we do now?" expression.  Our flight from the United States had gone so smoothly, but now we are in Ecuador.  Suppressing panic, we retrieve our eight large suitcases from behind the ticket counter and recruit a young man to help us get to the bus station so we can continue our journey.  With the aid of our companion, we successfully navigate the chaos of a third world bus terminal, significantly larger and more crowded than the airport.  After riding for hours on a local bus, we arrive at our destination and are met by our friends.  Why do I travel?  To deliver medical and school supplies to a remote, impoverished village in Ecuador.   (July 1999)

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"Why do you travel?" asked a friend as I was preparing for a summer trip to Guatemala.  At the 
time, I replied, "To see the world," or some such trite response.  It is a difficult question because 
I don't have just one answer.  But the question deserves a better response so I decided to write down my reasons in the form of "postcards".  These postcards are an ongoing attempt to answer the question posed by my friend those many years ago. I hope they will encourage you to enrich 
your life through more travel experiences and find your own answers to this question.  
Dream ~ Travel ~ Reflect